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Shark Notify - WP Plugin
Shark Notify is a new Premium WordPress Plugin that will help you increase sales and get more subscribers.

It's a powerful tool for web administrators and online entrepreneurs alike. It capitalizes on the “herd” mentality wherein people are more inclined to make a purchase or make a specific decision once they know that somebody did it before them.

The genius behind this software is that it rewards web administrators’ and online entrepreneurs’ hard work.

It is a small pop-up that gives your website visitors the idea that your product or service is selling like hotcakes.

It will tell them about a fictional website visitor who just purchased your product, subscribed to your website, availed of your services, or simply responded positively to your call to action.

It will make the readers think that such popularity means high quality product or service. Therefore, they will most likely make a purchase just like others did.

Main Function

Its main objective is to help website owners and online entrepreneurs earn the trust and the confidence of potential buyers.

It rarely happens that buyers make a purchase just to give a new product or service a chance. Usually, they prefer those products or service providers that have established a reputation or a strong online presence over the new ones. Therefore, Shark Notify basically gives website owners and online business owners the perfect opportunity that their products or services are worth the buyers’ time and money. It levels the playing field and for new marketers and innovators.

How Does It Work?

The message that somebody just purchased your product or services is like a magnet that convinces them to to follow suit.

It serves as a guide towards purchasing decision and a huge factor in convincing your visitors that making a purchase is the way to go. The plugin will simply inform the reader about the imaginary purchase including the details about the person who made the purchase, making it more believable.

Who Should Use It?

It's perfect for those online sellers and website administrators or owners who are just starting out. It is also great for those who want to establish a strong online presence for their brand.

Everyone who is connected to web administration and entrepreneurship can benefit from this plugin.


Having a great product, or offering an exceptional service is useless if there is no buyer to give it a chance.

You could offer it for free but still, people will be very skeptical. Therefore, what works is when you trick them into believing that a purchase was made. It is merely to guide them into making the right decision of giving your product or service a try. This is what Shark Notify does. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Give it a try now and you will soon be sharing your success story on how your website or your online business started with nothing but quickly gained popularity through the help of Shark Notify – your most reliable WordPress Plugin.
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Shark Notify - WP Plugin

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